RED Connector HTTP Archive

This connector can be used to receive an archive file via HTTP and HTTPS connections and then extract it into a directory. This connector is a variant of RED Connector HTTP.

Current CLI version: 1


RED connector HTTP Archive is included with RED connector HTTP. For installation instructions please refer to the corresponding documentation.



Access Type Optional Default Description
url string no   URL starting with http:// or https://
method enum: GET, PUT, POST yes GET HTTP method
auth dict yes   Authentication information
auth.username string no   Username
auth.password string no   Password
auth.method enum: BASIC, DIGEST yes BASIC Authentication method
disableSSLVerification boolean yes False Disable verification of SSL cert
archiveFormat enum: zip, tar, gztar, bztar, xztar no   Archive format supported by Python 3 shutil
command: "red-connector-http"
  url: ""
  method: "GET"
    username: "username"
    password: "password"
    method: "BASIC"
  disableSSLVerification: False
  archiveFormat: "gztar"


Optional. Only used for verification.